Frequently asked questions


Where does Futurity Manufacturing come from?

Futurity Manufacturing was founded in New Zealand in 2017 and is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Futurity Manufacturing processes advanced biomaterials into plastics components for a variety of industries and sectors. We are a collective of product designers and engineers, with the manufacturing capability to create more environmentally friendly products for businesses and consumers to use. Our business continues to evolve by collaborating with local and global specialists to continue to adapt to an ever changing business sector and deliver leading innovation.


How do Futurity Manufacturing work with their customers?

This depends on where you are at in your development process. For instance, whether the idea is still a figure of imagination or already in production. Our in-house, and networks expertise allows us to add value and assist in delivering your project at any stage. We are up front about our competence and where we believe someone else could do a better job. We are collaborative and enjoy working with others, as we see this as the most productive way to innovate.


What products do Futurity Manufacturing produce?

We produce products across a range of important sectors, including aviation, automotive, healthcare and consumer goods. Futurity Manufacturing also produces a number of our own products including New Zealand’s first 100% commercially compostable bottle and cap. See here for further details.

Our expert capabilities are technical injection moulding, blow moulding, tool design, bioplastics, engineering and design.


What materials does Futurity Manufacturing work with?

The bio materials industry is constantly evolving with continual innovations being made to make materials to perform better while reducing the impact on the environment. Futurity are continually developing our offering, and prides itself on expertise in the most appropriate bio materials.

We are actively engaged with a magnitude of suppliers in Europe, North America and Asia. Our sister company, Futurity Bio-Ventures who has become a globally recognised start up in the biotechnology sector is seeking to launch New Zealand’s first biorefinery. This has given us an incredible understanding and network within the global landscape of biobased materials, which we are able to draw upon to deliver the best solutions alongside our clients through Futurity Manufacturing. Contact us for further information at


What is the estimated timeline for product development?

The development of a product involves numerous design and technical development stages. The timeline is highly dependent on the complexity of the product and its stage of development. For instance - is it still an idea, or has design work been undertaken, has any testing or prototyping begun? There are a number of variables which can affect the timeline of product development. Contact us to discuss your product design requirements at