Our mission is to use the power of science, design and nature to help businesses innovate their product offering and encourage positive change to consumer behaviour to have less impact on the environment

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Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing
Futurity Manufacturing is a bioplastics manufacturing company, owned and operated in New Zealand.

Our facility processes advanced biomaterials into plastics components for a variety of industries and sectors. We are product designers and engineers, with the manufacturing capability to create more environmentally friendly products for businesses and consumers to use.

We have partnered with Talbot Technologies - a globally renowned technical injection moulder with over 40 years experience in technical injection moulding.

Products for the future.

Our Services

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Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Product Development

Initial Project

Here we define the scope of the project, whether it is an idea in your head, on the back of an envelope or an already produced product looking to change to a better material. Once defined we either start here or jump to wherever you are along the development journey

This Includes
  • Look, feel & textures
  • Performance targets
  • Life cycle & ideal end of life
  • Functionality & users
  • Initial material options
  • Sales/volume targets
  • Budget
  • Markets
Concept Design & Development

Here we refine the thinking and design of ideas to meet the project outcomes. Landing on the most promising solutions for further development.

This Includes
  • Concept development
  • Prototyping
  • Material identification and selection
  • Product renders & presentations
  • Pricing and performance analysis
  • End of life considerations
  • Initial life cycle assessment
Product Development & Engineering

The most promising designs in Stage 2 are taken forward for further development. Here we do further design prototyping, user testing, engineering, and analysis to decide on the final materials, solution and most efficient manufacturing methods.

This Includes
  • Further prototyping, testing and development
  • Initial design for manufacture considerations
  • Final material selection and validation
  • Final design decision
Design for Manufacture

The final solution is identified and taken forwards for design for manufacture where we do the final engineering and assessment to ensure that the product and it's components can be tooled and prepared for large or small scale production. Working closely with our range of tool producers to find the best cost and quality for your needs.

This Includes
  • Final DFM analysis
  • Part production and price analysis
  • Tool development and selection
  • Tool order
Manufacturing, Quality Assurance & Support

Once the design is complete and tooling commissioned we begin commercial production to meet your market demands. We work closely with you to establish and implement quality protocols and reliable product production and delivery to you or your market.

This Includes
  • Quality assurance protocols
  • Tool commissioning
  • Production trial
  • Production scheduling
  • Production support
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Sectors We Work With

Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Case Studies


100% Biobased Bottle and Cap

Our breakthrough bottle and cap is New Zealand’s first 100% plant-based, commercially compostable solution to reach the market. This product is made from a proprietary blend of bio-based materials, derived from natural resources and is designed to be commercially compostable into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

Unlike traditional plastic water bottles, the bottle does not require labels or adhesives to be removed before commercially composting. Instead, Futurity Manufacturing’s unique digital printing system prints biodegradable inks directly onto the front and back of each bottle.

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Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity ManufacturingLeon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

100% Compostable and Durable Cutlery Set

Futurity Manufacturing has developed a 100% biobased, reusable and compostable cutlery set to be utilised for events, conventions, aviation or the outdoors.

Futurity Manufacturing, Talbot Technologies and Globex Engineering, designed, prototyped, developed and trialed a unique bioplastic compound capable of withstanding the conditions of a dishwasher.

The tooling and development of this product was from concept to production was completed within twelve weeks as a pilot for a New Zealand business, approving the material and product for tooling and commissioning within twelve weeks.

The compostable and durable cutlery set can be customised and embossed with a logo to create a unique product for our clients.

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Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Our Partners

We collaborate with local and global partners to continue evolving and deliver leading innovation.

Talbot Technologies

Talbot Technologies is a world class technical injection moulding and thermoforming company established in 1972. Talbot Technologies are an integrated technical plastics manufacturer and solution provider that works as a design, development and production partner across a wide range of industries, for companies across the globe.


Globex specialises in solving problems through intelligent mechanical engineering. With a wide range of clients, working across a number of industries, Globex has the knowledge and experience to bring ideas and concepts to life.


Ekos is a social enterprise that develops, pilots and scales up innovative approaches to financing a sustainable future. Ekos work to create self-sustaining forest carbon projects and programmes. They are all locally owned, developed collaboratively, and as much as possible, locally delivered.

Thinkstep ANZ

Thinkstep ANZ enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Their industry-leading sustainability software, data and consulting services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance.


Avient exists to conquer challenges and unlock the potential of innovation and sustainability everywhere on earth. Avient connect exceptional people, ideas, and science to create specialized and sustainable materials that enhance performance and protect the environment.

Our Leadership

Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Leon van Megen

Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Rupert Paterson

Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Jacob Kohn

Director and Co-founder
Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing

Nick Reedy

Operations Manager



Where does Futurity Manufacturing come from?

Futurity Manufacturing was founded in New Zealand in 2017 and is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Futurity Manufacturing processes advanced biomaterials into plastics components for a variety of industries and sectors. We are a collective of product designers and engineers, with the manufacturing capability to create more environmentally friendly products for businesses and consumers to use. Our business continues to evolve by collaborating with local and global specialists to continue to adapt to an ever changing business sector and deliver leading innovation.


How do Futurity Manufacturing work with their customers?

This depends on where you are at in your development process. For instance, whether the idea is still a figure of imagination or already in production. Our in-house, and networks expertise allows us to add value and assist in delivering your project at any stage. We are up front about our competence and where we believe someone else could do a better job. We are collaborative and enjoy working with others, as we see this as the most productive way to innovate.


What products do Futurity Manufacturing produce?

We produce products across a range of important sectors, including aviation, automotive, healthcare and consumer goods. Futurity Manufacturing also produces a number of our own products including New Zealand’s first 100% commercially compostable bottle and cap. See here for further details.

Our expert capabilities are technical injection moulding, blow moulding, tool design, bioplastics, engineering and design.


What materials does Futurity Manufacturing work with?

The bio materials industry is constantly evolving with continual innovations being made to make materials to perform better while reducing the impact on the environment. Futurity are continually developing our offering, and prides itself on expertise in the most appropriate bio materials.

We are actively engaged with a magnitude of suppliers in Europe, North America and Asia. Our sister company, Futurity Bio-Ventures who has become a globally recognised start up in the biotechnology sector is seeking to launch New Zealand’s first biorefinery. This has given us an incredible understanding and network within the global landscape of biobased materials, which we are able to draw upon to deliver the best solutions alongside our clients through Futurity Manufacturing. Contact us for further information at sales@futuritygroup.co.nz.


What is the estimated timeline for product development?

The development of a product involves numerous design and technical development stages. The timeline is highly dependent on the complexity of the product and its stage of development. For instance - is it still an idea, or has design work been undertaken, has any testing or prototyping begun? There are a number of variables which can affect the timeline of product development. Contact us to discuss your product design requirements at sales@futuritygroup.co.nz.


What are our quality assurance protocols?

Talbot Technologies is proudly certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management standard and is a UL recognised plastic fabricator.

Talbot has in place a comprehensive integrated compliance software system, as well as a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Talbot Technologies is proud of the quality management systems in place in its world class manufacturing facility, and welcomes both existing and new customers to visit the site for supplier audits.

To meet the stringent requirements of some of the industries Talbot Technologies services, Talbot also provide controlled moulding environments to ensure product cleanliness and an ESD controlled environment for electronics assembly.

For all enquiries please send us an email - we look forward to hearing from you.

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Leon van Megen - CEO Futurity Manufacturing